Branding Services

Visual branding agency for ambitious business owners and innovative brands


1. The Visible BOOSTER

For small business owners who want a quick visual injection & are ready for action

Mini Audit
Group session professional branding advice
Mini business shoot
includes 5 professional photos in high resolution
45 minutes of photography on location or in the studio
299 euro

2. The Visible LEVEL-UP

Small business owners ready to kickstart or rebrand and take it to the next level

Advanced Audit
1-on1 professional branding advise
Intensive photography OR campaign + content creation
includes minimum 70 professional photos in high resolution ; 1.5 hours photo session on location
OR intensive campaign & content creation incl. graphic designs i.o. photography
599 euro

3. The Visible VISION

For business owners & Innovative brands ready to make impact & get results.

Advanced Audit
1-on1 professional branding advise
Intensive photography
Marketing Strategy & Artwork creation
includes new brand elements (logo refresh; typography, etc)
campaign creation
social content creation
Offline marketing artwork (flyers, cards)
Copywriting & website SEO
999euro per month*
3 months minimum

Vision: Why we need 3 months


Get a virtual tour of the museum. Ideal for schools and events.

Complete look

High Quality only!

Roll out

Get to know our opening times, ticket prices and discounts.

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